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The main purpose of this study is to determine what purposeful activities might be carried on for the improvement of learning situations in the first grade of Douglass School, Lawton, Oklahoma. This involves four minor problems: 1. to show that activities develop good work and study habits: concentration, persistence, and orderliness; 2. to show that activities encourage self-expression, independent thinking and provide opportunities for the child to choose, to solve problems, and to form judgments; 3. to show that activities vary in kind and amount to fit individual differences; and 4. to determine what types of activities can best improve learning situations in the first grade of Douglass School, Lawton, Oklahoma.

The problem was limited to the first grade of Douglass School, Lawton, Oklahoma. No grade has been considered which did not have a special interest in activities as improving learning situation; thus, the second and third grades are excluded. It was limited to the first grade teacher who planned her activities to promote growth, development of all children and made a list of characteristics in individual children with respect to their physical, emotional, and intellectual developments.

The problem was further limited to activities that gave practice in two subjects, developed independent thinking, sel-control, encouraged self-expression, organization, comprehension, selection, how to follow directions, how to construct, a chance to choose, to solve problems, to form judgment and made the child happy, successful, confident, to feel himself growing and making progress without fear or worry.

This problem was chosen because learning situations for activities are important as the regular class period; they give the children a happier attitude toward school, and aid in developing creative expressions of the child.

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