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Basketball was originated in 1892 at the International Young lien's Christian Association Training School, Springfield, Massachusetts by Dr. James A. Naismith and Lather H. Gulick. The game was originated because it was felt that there was a need for an indoor game for the winter, as football is a fall sport and baseball is a summer sport.

The original game was played using peach baskets for goals. As each goal "was made the ball had to be retrieved by the use of a ladder. The first ball used for the game was a soccer football, due to its bouncing qualities. Eighteen boys, nine on each team were first used because Dr. Naismith had eighteen boys in his Young Men's Christian Association Training School.

Basketball attracts many spectators. Weather never causes a postponement, and spectators have all of the comforts of home. The game probably owes its popularity to the comforts it offers to spectators and the fact games can be played day or night. Basketball has grown so much since its existence that some of the high school contests now draw as high as fifteen thousand fans for one game. It is estimated that at the present time there are between seventy-five and one hundred million people who attend basketball games of one type or another in the United States alone, during the period from December 1 to March 1.

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