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In the Initial Colonial Period education was a privilege; except for orphans and pauper children who were apprenticed and compelled to acquire a trade; and sometimes the three R's were included: The Rudimentary Elementary schools were for common people. Latin schools and colleges formed a separate scholastic world. During this period, men, women, and children were required to work, in many Instances, Into the night. The limited amount of time that they had for physical activity was used for folk dancing, games, and other simple group activities. Later education was influenced by other factors which caused the education to plan a curriculum designed to meet the needs of the society.

During the latter part of the Colonial Period, the curriculum consisted of Latin, Greek, and rhetoric aimed at preparing lawyers, ministers, and medical doctors.

Advancements made by the colonies during the middle of the Eighteenth Century caused another change in the curriculum. Benjamin Franklin sow the need of preparing pupils for the business that was developing in the colonies. This business required competencies In bookkeeping, navigation, surveying, and business administration. French was added to the curriculum.

As the concept of democracy developed In the mid-nineteenth century, the curriculum of the Latin Grammar Schools no longer met the needs of society and became extinct. The ever-changing needs of society at these different periods were used as a yardstick for measuring the effectiveness of the curriculum.

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