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During recent years tissue transplantation has been widely used in immunological studies and was instrumental in revealing the biological basis of individuality (20). This individuality as evidenced by tissue graft rejection has been observed in all species studied including man. Two exceptions have been noted, namely, uniovular twins, which will accept tissue from each other permanently (7), and individuals from highly inbred populations which due to genetic similarity, showed higher incidence of permanent graft survival than those from random-bred populations (6, 8, 19).

Several types of tissue transplants have been reported including complete organs such as thyroid, liver, spleen, kidney, etc. (14, 23), various types of tumors C13), and skin (21). This study is primarily concerned with skin grafting which offers several advantages over other types of tissue for immunogenetic and biochemical research. Skin grafting does not require the critical surgery necessary for organ transplants, and a recipient of a skin graft survives and can receive additional grafts. The endpoint of a skin graft rejection can be easily observed, is distinctive, and appears to be the most sensitive in detecting minor genetic differences between donor and host (24).

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