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The purpose at this study is to discover some of the problems associated with assessing counseling outcomes, to study some of the methods used in evaluating counseling results and to discover the criteria employed in evaluating counseling results.

Most specifically, the purpose is to discover criteria employed in evaluating counseling results.

Many studies have been recorded that deal with assessing the counseling interview as a technique as well as the outcomes of counseling.

While these studies throw much light on evaluation of the counseling outcomes, none has attempted to set forth in a systematic and composite way the criteria by which all counseling results might be evaluated. This is precisely what this study intends to do.

Furthermore, the study is unique in that it attempts to locate those criteria which are common to the evaluative methodology employed by the several approaches to counseling.

Further, the diversity of approaches to counseling has made the evaluation of the counseling technique difficult. It is the hope of the investigator that this study will be of value to all persons associated with counseling in disclosing those criteria essential to assessing counseling results.

Finally, the writer sincerely hopes that the ultimate benefactor will be herself end those like her who are struggling to determine the effectiveness of their counseling in view of their limited experience and training.

Certain limitations have been set for this investigation and these should be noted.

First, the inquiry is limited to the development which has occurred in evaluating the counseling out come in the last sixteen years, 1940-1956.

Secondly, it will consider current theories of counseling as these are reported in the literature.

Thirdly, no attempt will be made to evaluate which approach to counseling or which method of assessment is most effective.

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