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Master of Science in Physical Education

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Physical Education


The human being is an active creature by nature. In spite of the temptations for idleness which results from modern technology, man is not fundamentally a sedimentary organism. He possesses capacities for movement, and in most instances, he has all of the necessary neuromuscular mechanisms which make movement possible - heartbeat; lungs expand and contract; nervous system functions properly as impulses leap as they cruise through their intricate network of cells; the digestive system depends upon peristalsis; and, the muscular system encourages gross motor activity of the entire body. The endocrine system secretes and controls the bodily functions; the skeletal system supports all burdens of considerable weight, Without this basic movement, there is no life, and physiologically, while man is alive, he must move in some way.

Movement is more than a "basic necessity; it is one's interpretation of himself and his interpretation of himself to others. As one acts, so he is - a form of expression which is responsible for social contributions. Movement is basic to any advancement which man has made. The ability to run, walk, throw, bend, manipulate the fingers, turn the head, swing a stick, swim a river, climb a mountain or dance has played a major role in man's evolutionary experience. The more movements done by man, the more numerous his expressions will be. Man has moved and worked to improve his own lot, making life more efficient and enjoyable, and perpetuating and enriching his achievements.

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Leroy Moore

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Curtis A, Wood

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Curtis A, Wood

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William Cofield

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Hoover J. Wright


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