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A study of the historical development of industrial arts and industrial education is of great importance in leading up to a study of standards in present-day industrial arts courses in Texas.

The date of the birth of manual occupation as a feature of school work has not been definitely located by writers of educational history. Probably it will never be determined. Like many other civilizing forces, this one appears to have been at work for generations, if not centuries, before anyone recognized its importance or the direction of its tendency.

Egyptian Civilization

The civilization of any one of the ancient peoples is marvelously suggestive in this connection. Notice for one example the first people known to have organized themselves into a settled nation, the Egyptians. Very early records, dating nearly 2,000 years before the Christian era, show them to have been a people of versatile power and skill. Their masonry has never been surpassed. They had a decimal system of numbers and a system of well-adjusted weights and measures. In mechanic arts we have evidence of the skill of the carpenter, the book-binder, the potter, and others. In fine arts, their statuary, and painting, their ornaments of gold and silver, their musical instruments, their engraving, their inlaying, all bear witness to a high stage of development in these arts and processes. How had it come about? They were without books or a literature, except in a very narrow sense. How had these people been educated? There appears tub one answer# They had developed their powers through their efforts to manipulate material things as a means of satisfying their felt needs and desires.


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