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The importance of this study and analysis, "Farm Ownership and Turnover Among Negro Farmers in Nacogdoches County, Texas, 1935 to 1957>" cannot be overemphasized in a society which is increasingly demanding more and better farm lay-outs. Every sign points upward to scientific investigation and studies that aid not only in the quality but the quantity of farmland. The trend in land ownership in Nacogdoches County, Texas has changed in the last thirty years. The changes are evidenced in the moving away and selling of farms that were once productive and self-sustaining farms.

An important part in the development of Nacogdoches County is its present economy. Therefore, a greater emphasis is needed on the increasing demand of land ownership, for it provides a reasonable degree of security for the people that own their land as a means of earning their livelihood. Farm ownership should be maintained and improved. The trend of disposing of farms and moving into small lots or acreage near the city needs some thought and study.

In an area where a few families or agencies own great tracts of land, a considerable portion of the population must own no land or very little. Ownership contributes to the development of independent personalities. Individually owned farms are of importance in a democracy because they afford the opportunity for the development of psychological self-sufficient farm people. It affords independent choices.

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