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It was the purpose of this study (1) to determine business education courses offered in the Negro High Schools of Houston; (2) to make a comparative study of these courses with those offered in the three leading white High Schools of Houston; (3) to show the relationship between training and eventual employment of the Negro high school graduates; and (4) to offer conclusions and recommendations for improving if necessary and/or upgrading business education programs in the Negro High Schools.

General business education and the preparation of students for job opportunities are recognized by educators and administrators as the chief objectives of business education. In spite, however, of the rather general recognition by schoolmen of these objectives, methods of evaluating and improving the business education program have been limited to an overall process. Few, if any studies of this nature have been undertaken to examine the business curriculum in the Negro high schools for its effectiveness or its need for improvements in order to meet employment demands for its' graduates in the Houston area.

The study was limited to three white high schools: M. B. Lamar, John H. Reagan, and San Jacinto—which is a vocational school. Due to the location, size, and local publicity of these schools, it was felt that they represented the leading white schools in the city. All five of the Negro high schools: Booker T. Washington, Jack Yates, Phillis Wheatley, Kashmere Gardens, and E. E. Worthing were used in the study to present a complete picture of the business education program offered Negro high school graduates.

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Melba Douglas


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