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Physical education is a fundamental phase of the modern program of education. Some educational philosophers regard man as a unified whole. The basic function of education, then, is to focus attention on the "whole child." In view of this fact, educators in the field of physical education are constantly studying their programs to ascertain whether or not they are adequate and whether or not the programs are making major contributions to the development of the "whole child."

In recent years, it has become an established fact that children's experience during their formative years greatly affect their physical, social, mental, and emotional growth and well-being. Thus physical education, because of the many kinds of activities it offers to develop the "whole child," plays a major role in the elementary school program.

Just as children may learn more outside of schools than they do in them, and just as they often learn more from their peers than from their teachers in certain areas, so may they also learn through life experiences—either consciously or unconsciously—a type of physical education. If desired results are to be obtained, however, play and physical education activities must be directed.

Physical education in elementary schools, then, should he directed, purposeful activity centered around the total body, its movement, care, and use. As such, it would stress the development of skills—physical, social, and mental. Physical education in the elementary schools aims to provide numerous opportunities for the individual and for the group. These activities should be stimulating, fun to do, and should ultimately lead to positive physical, social, mental, and emotional growth.1 Since physical education plays such a major role in the educational program, its contribution is built upon the objectives of developing (l) organic and physical well-being, (2) skills, (3) knowledge, and (4) appreciation.


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