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The Interest in this study as one of importance grew out of the writer's observation of the growth and magnitude of the tomato, watermelon, pea, and cotton packing and shipping centers in Athens, Texas, the county seat of Henderson County. For several years the writer observed the changes in markets opened to farmers in the county and noticed that Negro farmers with marketable products of cotton, peas, tomatoes, and watermelons were seldom seen in the long lines of trucks, wagons, and trailers. The fewness of their numbers seemed to be out of proportion to the known number of Negro farm operators. It was also noticed that when a Negro appeared within the line with farm commodities for sale the quantity seemed negligible. This condition appeared to present itself year after year. Thus, the assumption was made that the Negro farmers of the county were not producing the kinds and quantities of product® for which the area afforded market outlets. It may be assumed also that the markets are usually developed around and for those commodities which the farmers of the area produce with comparative advantage.

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The scope of this study is to cover the geographic area of Henderson County, Texas. The problem is restricted to the study of fifty Hegro far® families located in the communities of Sandflat, Crossroad, St. Paul, Moore's Station, Fincastle, and Athens.

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J. M. Coruthers

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E. M. Norris


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