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Agriculture In America is recognized as a business. The conduct of this business is of concern not only to those directly engaged in It but also to the rest of the nation,1 The Invention and use of modern machinery, the building of great cities end the settlement of our fertile lands make continual changes necessary In the economics of our agricultural production and distribution.

One of the most significant facts in modern society Is that making a living is a cooperative undertaking, which Is carried on through a division of labor or specialization in production,2 The progress of the nation to a large measure depends upon the ability of a portion of the people to produce the food and clothing material necessary for themselves and families and to have left sufficient for several other families. This releases a portion of the population for other pursuits and in turn allov/s for the progress of civilization.

Agriculture has not only become commercialized it has become highly specialized within Itself, With the passage of time, the production of each farm product gradually has become localized in the area where it can be produced at the lowest cost.

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