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It is proposed that this research report will compare demographic characteristics of the population of Jefferson County, Texas, such as age, sex, and racial distribution, residential composition, and education and income progression from the earliest to the latest census data available. More specifically, this report will reveal information about why people migrate in and out of Jefferson County, Texas, and show why population in this county slightly increased from 1960 to 1970. An attempt will also be made by employing statistical data and pertinent resource persons' observations to make predictions about future population trends.

It is often stated that people migrate to Jefferson County because of the unlimited, expanded, and various fields of opportunities. This county has a variety of economic advantages, both industrially and socially. One of the main industries in Texas is oil, and Jefferson County is rich in oil. Many people reminisce over the historical fact that the Lucas Gusher was found in this county. This great discovery of oil gave Jefferson County an economic boost, which as a result, influenced a boom in population. It is felt that this statement should be explored and studied. Moreover, business students should know enough about population characteristics to guide them into making worth-while decisions about at least their education and future jobs.

The facts of this research report are limited to the small number of sources which give pertinent information about population trends for counties and to the figures for population characteristics as shown by the United States Bureau of Census Volumes. Figures for the total population of Jefferson County were available from 1850. Other population characteristics' figures were not available before 1940.

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Rose Knotts


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