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Never before has the relationship of food to the control of health been as keenly appreciated as it is today. Many human studies have demonstrated the importance of certain nutrients in the maintenance of health, general well-being, resistance to infection, more rapid recovery from illness, and better growth in children. As Sherman says,

The benefit which we may clearly and confidentially anticipate is much more than merely biological. It relates not only to health but through health to social evolution and to even higher levels of intellectual and spiritual achievement by the individuals who will do so to develop their innate capacities.

According to Wilson, Secretary of the American Medical Association Council on Pood and Nutrition, newer advances in nutrition promise better control of diseases, greater vigor, and longer life. Enrichment and fortification of inexpensive staple foods such as bread, milk, and oleomargarine, addition of iodine to table salt, and discovery of B complex vitamin are cited by Wilson as major achievements in nutrition which are making important contributions to health and vigor. He further states that food may play an Important role in delaying the degenerative changes of aging.

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