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In recognition of the fact that in American Society distinctions are made on the basis of race, we are concerned with social organization within the Negro community. In any society where distinctions are made on a racial basis, where the races are segregated, and one is ascribed an inferior status, the kind of social organization that evolves in the segregated community will be characterized by accommodation to the larger society. In the many research monographs on the Negro in the South this theme predominates.2

Up to now, no analysis of the Negro community in the Southwest, specifically in Texas, has been made. It is quite possible that there is so much similarity between the social organization in the Negro community in Texas and those communities in the South which have been more thoroughly investigated that such a study is unnecessary. However, only empirical evidence can establish the assumption as a fact. It was for this reason that the present study was undertaken. The present study is based upon the following hypotheses: 1. That in any society at a particular time the institutional structure is subject to analysis and description. 2. That basically the institutional structure of social organization within any community is similar to that of all other communities within the larger society. Those differences that do exist are a response to geographical, economic, or racial factors, and are differences of degree rather than differences of kind. 3. That social organization in the Negro Community is similar to social organization of the larger community, subject only to those conditions of race which give him an inferior status.

The method employed will be descriptive primarily, although statistical data will be relied upon from time to time to support the thesis.

2Sutherland, Robert, Color, Class, and Personality.

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