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Waller County is considered the center for water-melon production throughout Texas. Since this is the chief cash crop in this county, the question arises as to what extent do the Negro farmers of Waller County depend upon watermelons for their cash income.

The writer, a native of Waller County is particularly interested in the Agricultural development of the county. He decided to make a study to determine the number of Negroes who were dependent upon watermelons as the chief source of their cash income.

The majority of the Negroes of Waller County are located within a radius of 20 miles of Hempstead, which is the county seat. Since this is true this study will deal with the Negro farmers of four communities located north, south, west and south—east of Hempstead. These farmers work for the large cotton farmers located near the Brazos river in both Waller and Austin counties. There are others who operate small watermelon farms and when this crop is disposed of they have no other source of income until the next watermelon season.

The writer is of the opinion that too many Negro farmers in Waller County depend upon watermelons as their chief source of cash income. That a system of diversified farming should be introduced which will enable these farmers to have more than one source of income. It is upon the basis of the above assumption that the major problem arises as To What Extent Do Negro Farmers In Waller County Depend Upon Watermelons For Their Cash Income.

This information could be used in the solution of certain problems in a long range Agricultural program for Waller County. It would also furnish valuable information for use by the County Extension Agent and Watermelon Growers Association of Waller County.

This information would also serve as a guide for prospective watermelon growers.

The data for this study were secured from the County Extension Agent of Waller County; District Agent of Extension Service, H. S. Estelle, County Home Demonstration Agent, Mrs. Lovie Hill and 102 Negro farmers of which 22 were non-members of the Watermelon Growers association.

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J. M. Coruthers

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E. M. Norris


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