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Every teacher does some degree of guidance whether he or she is conscious of this fact or not. The majority of teachers want to add more of this personal phase of their teaching, and to do this, wish to plan an organized guidance activity for their students. Many books have been written and numberless speeches delivered as to what constitutes an adequate or effective guidance program in the modern school. It has been suggested that such a program can be enriching, individualizing, and humanizing motif in the educational mosaic of the American secondary school. Irrespective of size, location or facilities, our school should assume the responsibility of meeting the needs of their varied student personnel. Although many schools are void of a guidance program, still it is the consensus of opinion that most schools are at least conscious of a changing educational viewpoint, one which interprets the school in terms of the needs of all its pupils. Out of this educational philosophy, there has developed a need for personnel work - a need which expresses itself in practice of effective guidance of pupils, or in what is commonly thought of as a guidance program. Such a program in each school should be built upon various practices, procedures, and techniques.

A carefully planned guidance program is imperative if students are to find their bearings in the modern school, with its numerous curriculum offerings, electives, and extracurricular activities.

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