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Music has made great strides as a recognized subject in the high school curriculum, since the turn of the century. From its status as an extra-curricular activity of minor importance, it has won recognition to such an extent that it has been accepted in many places on equal footing with the academic subjects. Probably no group of activities has had as widespread a development as those extra activities involving music. Vocal music organizations, bands, orchestras and other added interests are accepted in a majority of our elementary and high schools of Texas, as well as in other states. It is these group musical organizations, which are found most commonly in our schools that direct our attention.


The purpose of this study is to further expand the social values accruing to those who participate in many opportunities which are provided through group musical activities. When the various types of musical activities are examined, it is hoped that these opportunities will justify themselves as normal social acts, involving valuable socialized activity day by day.

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The problem deals with the group development, in its relation to the society of which the child will be a part. The overall picture is to show how the modern school seeks to provide opportunities through musical group activities in the elementary and high schools that will afford students the satisfaction of working together. What opportunities exist, and the values of which must be developed in order to render an individual socially effective? How may these values be developed?

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J. Ashton Murray

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Ella W. Cullins

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Ella W. Cullins


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