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Background and development of Modern Supervision

Not with standing the fact we have a different type of supervision today than was practiced when public schools in America were first established, supervision has existed ever since the formation of the first public school system. When the General Court of Boston, directed by the selectmen, was instructed to secure teachers with certain religious training, a type of supervision was being carried on. That custom was followed for nearly fifty years, at which time the teachers came under more formal supervision. The schools, using Boston as an illustration, were supervised by a committee, who was appointed to visit the school, Inspect the plant and equipment and examine the achievement of the pupils, These supervisors did not criticize the teachers, neither did they advise them.

It Is noticeable that by 1714 supervision in the United States had passed through three phases. During the first phase, the supervisors selected the teachers. During the second phase, the supervisors selected the teachers and inspected the plant and the equipment. During the third phase, they had the added responsibility of criticizing and advising the teachers. By 1721 supervision was done by the selectmen and any others that they decided to invite.

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