Analysis Of Tchaikowsky's Overture Fantasy To Romeo And Juliet

Ruth Leeq Upton - Mundine, Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical College


Statement of the Problem

This study is concerned with giving a detailed formal analysis of Tchaikowsky1s Overture Fantasy to Romeo and Juliet.


The purpose of the analysis is to give the listener the overall design or pattern of the composition for an improvement in interpreting the work. It is to serve as a sort of guide by which the listener is enabled to see the structure and form of the composition. Its aim is to enable the listener to recognize the way in which the composer constructed this work; to recognize the various parts of the composition and how each part is related to every other part and to the whole. When one is able to interpret good music, then his appreciation, interest, and enjoyment are increased. The objective is to show how program music is constructed; and how various thematic schemes are used to tell a story.