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Modern education has recognized the fact that for the desired development of the student, more is necessary than the formal instruction of the classroom. Out of this need has grown the unit known as the "Home Room." Administrators are rapidly coming to realize that the goal of modern education may better be attained through this medium. The homeroom is one of the most vital and important units of educational organization in the secondary schools of today. Through the homeroom, the creation of school consciousness, wholesome attitudes and relations, a definite concept of socialization, and a realization of individual responsibility can best be fostered. Pupil-teacher relationships and relationships between the home and school are better established in the homeroom than is any other group. Here in the homeroom, a miniature form of government may be maintained that will teach the student how to be a good citizen.

The three fundamental aims of secondary education are

1. The preparation of the individual as a prospective citizen and cooperating member of society the Social-Civic aim.,

2. The preparation of the individual as a prospective worker and producer—the Economic-Vocational aim.,

3. The preparation of the individual for those activities which, while primarily involving individual action, the utilization of leisure, and the development of personality, are of great importance to society—the individualistic vocational aim.

In the homeroom, the pupils are guided educationally, vocationally, socially, morally, and recreationally. The homeroom is the very life of the school, reflecting quite accurately the character and condition of the school. The purpose of this study is to discover the merits and limitations of the homeroom as a unit of organization in the four-year public high schools of Texas which have an enrollment of approximately 250 and above and to make suggestions concerning possible improvements. The question facing the homeroom teacher is, not "What is the purpose of the homeroom? rather, it is "How shall that purpose be fulfilled

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