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The most marked characteristic of modern civilization is change, which in turn effects readjustments in our culture. The nature of these readjustments has been the subject of study by many educators, with the discovery that they take place at widely different and varying rates. These changes have effected a revolution in societies and groups; such as, crime, juvenile delinquency, unemployment, graft, racketeering, inadequate housing, extreme poverty, strikes, ineffective government, wars, and threatened wars.

So, in the evolution of social studies subjects, modern educators have a program designed to unify or integrate subject matter previously taught in isolation, and a curriculum focused upon children, rather than upon fields of knowledge. This new kind of subject matter has come to us based on real activities and social situations of children. All that deals with community life, democratic practices, moral and spiritual values, history, geography, right attitudes, lofty ideals, has come to mean "Social Studies", and occupies the core of the present-day curriculum. "All the other subjects either grow out of or center about this program.

We evaluate a child's physical growth by comparing his status in height and weight with an accepted norm, notwithstanding the many differences in body types, rates and patterns of growth and other factors that legitimately affect a child's physical status at any point. The same approach is applicable to social development in children, though there is the additional problem that social development is more complex and more individualized than is physical development.

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