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The farm mechanics programs which best meet the needs of young farmers, adult farmers, all-day students, and the community as a whole, are those programs which include instruction in farm carpentry, hot and cold metal work, farm machinery and power, concrete and masonry, arc welding, oxy-acetylene welding and cutting, farm electricity, soldering and sheet metal, plumbing and farm water supply, painting and glazing, leather and harness repair, soil and water conservation, and farm safety.

A report of a committee of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers designated five areas in which training should be given, namely, farm shop work, farm power and machinery, farm buildings and conveniences, soil and water management, and rural electrification.1 These areas correspond closely to the major fields of study offered in most colleges giving degrees in Agricultural Engineering. The five areas are stated in broader terms than the thirteen areas mentioned in the preceding paragraph. They include approximately the same fields of study.

Instruction in farm mechanics, like any other part of the vocational agriculture program, should be justified on the basis of the extent to which it meets the needs of persons in the community.

An effort was made in this study to secure some information concerning the degree to which departments of vocational agriculture are equipped to meet these needs.

1 American Society of Agricultural Engineers in collaboration with Agricultural Education Specialists. Report of subcommittee on Agricultural teacher-training. Engineering phases of teacher-training for Vocational Agriculture. Agricultural Education Magazine 17:124-25, 1945.

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E. M. Norris

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J. R. Powell

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E. J. Johnson


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