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(1) To determine to what extent the farmers in the area studied are participating or taking advantages of the soil conservation practices available to them. (2) To determine the conditions, internal and external that affect their farming program in relation to the soil conservation practices used and not used. (3) To acquaint the readers of this report with the serious erosion problem of our most important resource, and suggest plans or solutions to the problems that are discovered.

Statement of the Problem

To determine the relationship of the problems discovered, to the soil conservation practices used in the type of farming program engaged in, with respect to analyzing the following: (1) Status of farmer. (2) Age, number of years on the present farm, and size of family. (3) Size of farm in acres, and the number of acres in cultivation, pasture, woodland, and idle land. (4) Educational level of farmer. (5) Annual income from major crops and enterprises. (6) Type of soil conservation practices. (7) Type of soils. (8) Topography of farm, and the average rainfall over a one year period.

Scope of the Study

This study is limited to information concerning the soil conservation practices of fifty Negro farmers engaged in permanent agriculture in Waller County, Texas. It covers the type of soil conservation practices available to them with conservation aid. The fifty Negro farms are a cross section of Waller County, Texas, representing some of the best farmers, located near six of the small towns or communities, which are Brookshire, Sunnyside, Pattison, Prairie View, Hempstead, and Waller.

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John M. Coruthers

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G. L. Smith


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