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Background: Most healthcare delivery involves teams. After teamwork and communication breakdowns, poor patient care, errors, and inefficiencies follow. Employee engagement surveys from two Galveston County clinics showed concern with teamwork and value. TeamSTEPPS, a team training program, improved attitudes, knowledge, and outcomes, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Purpose: The project examined how TeamSTEPPS training affected healthcare professionals’ and administrative employees at two Galveston County primary care clinics' teamwork perspectives. PICOT Question: Among entire staff in two primary care clinics (P), what is the impact of TeamSTEPPS (I) on improving teamwork perception (O) comparing pre-post TeamSTEPPS Teamwork Perceptions Questionnaire (T-TPQ) results after three TeamSTEPPS training programs have been implemented (T)? Theoretical Framework: This project used the TeamSTEPPS framework to build methods, methodologies, and resources to complete each stage and collect data for the next level of teamwork enhancement. Methods: The T-TPQ measured teamwork perceptions of targeted participants at baseline and after three TeamSTEPPS training sessions. Data Analysis: Intellectus Statistics was utilized to evaluate the data. Two-tailed Wilcoxon signed rank tests were performed to determine the significance of pre- and post-intervention teamwork perceptions. Results: Pre-intervention T-TPQ survey median was 119.90. Post-intervention T-TPQ survey median were 151.97; V = 39.00, z = -3.735, and p = 0.001. TeamSTEPPS training dramatically enhanced staff teamwork perceptions. Conclusions: This DNP experiment verified TeamSTEPPS to improve primary care staff teamwork perceptions. Recommended Future Research: TeamSTEPPS research should investigate patient-safety culture and how teamwork perception affects patient outcomes and primary care settings.

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Sharisse Hebert

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