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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Juvenile Justice


Criminological research indicates the Latinx population disproportionality commits crime. Latinx youth represent nearly 30% of the juvenile justice system (State of Americas Children, 2020). In 2008, Pérez and colleagues examined ethnic-specific differences that affect Latinx in the strain delinquency relationship. The authors used Latinx General Strain Theory (LGST) to identify the distinctive strains Latinx experienced as a result of their unique socio-cultural and ethnic experiences. However, the impact police perceptions have on Latinx delinquency has yet to be fully identified (Isom Scott et al., 2021; Isom Scott et al., 2020; Thaxton & Agnew, 2018).

This dissertation examined LGST by assessing the impact ethnic-specific strains, police perceptions, and traditional strains had on Latinx delinquency and status offenses. This study utilized four research questions: 1: Does acculturation strain impact the likelihood of Latinx youth committing status offenses and delinquency; 2: Does negative perceptions of police impact the likelihood of Latinx youth committing status offenses iv and delinquency; 3: Do negative emotions impact the likelihood of Latinx youth committing status offenses and delinquency; 4: Do traditional GST strains impact the likelihood of Latinx youth committing status offenses and delinquency. Utilizing the Gang Resistance Education Training Data (GREAT) set. This study examined multiple waves using negative binomial regression analysis to assess the impact traditionally, and ethnic-specific strains have on Latinx youth committing delinquency and status offenses.

Results suggest Latinx youth born in the United States (e.g., acculturated) were more likely to report delinquency compared to Latinx youth born in another country. Having lower feelings of ethnic identity increased overall delinquency, and Latinx youth who reported negative perceptions of police also increased delinquency. Future research should examine more measures of police strain or police racial discrimination in the Latinx strain delinquency relationship.

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Myrna Cintrón

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Robin Jackson

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Abdullah Cihan

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Douglas Hermond


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