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Background: The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) epidemic has been a worldwide challenge for several decades. Proper medication adherence, following the Centers for Disease Control guidelines, has proven effective in decreasing patients’ viral load, thus improving their quality of life, and reducing the spread of the disease. The current literature identifies a lack of knowledge, support, and resources as barriers to medication compliance.

Purpose: To increase medication compliance among persons with HIV.

Methods: This evidence-based practice project utilized the Modified Morisky Scale to help minority HIV patients adhere to strict medication regimens. Repeated measures analysis of variance was conducted to analyze participants on the same measure across multiple time points. Forty patients were selected to participate in the project. The providers sent the patients reminders to take all medications as prescribed through the patient portal. A pre-post design was used for evaluation, and viral loads were analyzed.

Results:Implementation of the Modified Morisky Scale, in combination with scheduled medication reminders, yielded significant improvements in patient knowledge and motivation to adhere to medication regimens. The results showed significant reductions in viral load (p

Keywords: HIV, Validated Assessment Tool (MMS), Viral Loads, Medication Compliance, Education, Chronic Disease, Medication Regime

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Gloria M. Rose

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Jerrel V. Moore

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