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In the past 50 years, a significant body of literature has confirmed the importance of parental involvement in children’s education (Gugiu et al., 2018). However, despite its significance, parental involvement is not robust in many school communities (Lawson et al., 2018). According to traditional definitions of parental involvement, parents of color tend to be less involved in their child’s school (Joseph et al., 2016). Although the literature on parental involvement and communities of color has increased, most research involves mothers. What is often overlooked is the role that fathers have in supporting their children.

The population for this study consisted of Latino fathers with more than one child in school and who had at least one child attending the school for at least two years. A purposeful sampling strategy was used to select the participants. Using Epstein’s (2016) framework of parental involvement, the guiding research question was: How do Latino fathers of elementary aged students understand and make meaning of their parental involvement? Additional questions were:

(a) How do Latino fathers of elementary aged students make meaning of their culture in relation to parental involvement?

(b) How does Epstein’s (1981) model of parental involvement illuminate the role of Latino fathers in their child’s academic career?

The findings revealed three themes: Importance of Education, Value of Hard Work, and Latino Fathers and the School System. The data suggests that Latino fathers are involved in the education of their children in ways not captured by traditional definitions.

Keywords: parental involvement, Latino fathers and parental involvement, Latino families and parental involvement

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Pamela Barber-Freeman

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