Volume 3, Issue 1 (2020)

A Note from the Executive Editor

It is with great pleasure that I present to you Volume 3 Issue 1 of PURSUE: Undergraduate Research Journal. All articles in this issue are peer reviewed by scientists. The peer review process is a competitive one. Only those articles recommended by both the review editors, who provide discipline specific expertise, and the editorial board were selected. This issue includes insightful articles in the areas of agriculture, biological engineering, health and nutrition.

The entire Editorial Board and Review Editors must be thanked for this issue. Special thanks are extended to Tracey Moore, MFA and R. Michelle Sauer Gehring, PhD, ELS. They provided countless hours selecting review editors, reviewing manuscripts, formatting documents proofing, and creating our new graphic design for the Digital Commons platform.

This is the first issue of the journal housed on the PVAMU Digital Commons platform. This platform exposes the research articles to a wider audience. A special thanks goes to the PVAMU library staff for facilitating the journal’s online move. Yolander Youngblood, Ph.D.



The Effects of Fertilizer Rate on the Growth of Egyptian Spinach in a Greenhouse
Michelle Mbia, Eric Obeng, Aruna Weerasooriya, and Peter Ampim


Biological Pathways Associated with Wild and Domestic Animals
Cayla Steemer, Laura Carson, Jim Hu, and Gloria Regisford


About the Authors
Tracey Moore


Yolander Youngblood