Volume 2, Issue 1 (2019)


It is with great pleasure that I present to you Volume 2 Issue 1 of PURSUE: Undergraduate Research Journal. It has truly been a labor of love since we started this venture in 2016. This venture gives undergraduate students a platform to present their research. Each article in this issue has been carefully reviewed and edited by scientists and academic faculty in the field. This issue includes insightful articles in the areas of agriculture and chemistry. These undergraduates are to be commended for their attention to detail and their persistence. These students have great futures ahead of them because they worked with great Research Mentors who took the time to guide them along the way.

This issue was produced with the help of several people. I want to thank each of them. First, let me thank Drs. Gehring, Moore and Thompson. They managed and helped ensure the integrity of the process at each step. Next, I have to thank our outside Review Editors and the Editorial Board. They volunteered countless hours to make this issue happen. Drs. Foster, Frizell and Garner were especially important to the proofing process. Lastly, I want to thank Prairie View A & M University’s Office for Academic Affairs and Dr. James Palmer, for the generous use of office resources. Yolander R. Youngblood, Ph.D., Executive Editor



Economic Potential of Okra Cultivation for Limited Resource Farmers
Phillip Harris, Eric Obeng, Aruna Weerasooriya, and Peter Ampim


Spatial Variability of Manganese Oxide in Two Soilscapes: Upland-Lowland, and Riparian Buffer-Wetland Boundary- Wetland
Benjamin Onweni, Richard Griffin, Robert Thomas, Edward Timms, Javon Polk, and Annette James


The Importance of Properly Modeling the Hydrogen Bond in Histidine
Falonne M. Tchodimo, Guoquan Zhou, and Hua-Jun Fan


About the Authors
Yolander Youngblood