Digital training in the wake of a pandemic: Using technology to train health care professionals in the identification of human trafficking victims

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Human trafficking training is crucial for victim identification and appropriate service provision in health care settings. Over the past decade, the health care profession has made significant strides in the education and training of health professionals. However, access to quality training is still varied, and a unified education program has not been established. At best, educational programs are uneven in their goals and standards. Further complicating matters, amid the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing regulations, in-person training has been less optimal. To provide all health care professionals with much-needed education on human trafficking identification and service provision, the authors recommend that human trafficking trainings incorporate online platforms and provide justification from the literature for this recommendation. The authors contend that virtual training programs provide easy access and provide a convenient platform for health care professionals to broaden their knowledge and awareness of the unique demands and challenges that trafficked persons encounter.

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