Submissions from 2022

Accurate Identification and Prosocial Behaviors Towards Human Trafficking Victims Among Psychology Students, Jeeva Babu, Grace M. Boland, and Temilola Salami

Patterns of Adults with Low Literacy Skills Interacting with an Intelligent Tutoring System, Ying Fang, Anne Lippert, Zhiqiang Cai, Su Chen, Jan C. Frijters, Daphne Greenberg, and Arthur C. Graesser

The Influence of Jailhouse Informant Testimony on Jury Deliberation, Jonathan M. Golding, Jeffrey S. Neuschatz, Kyle P. Rawn, Anne Lippert, Brian H. Bornstein, Andrea M. Pals, and Alexis M.Le Grand

Creating a Collaborative Trauma-Informed Interdisciplinary Citywide Victim Services Model Focused on Health Care for Survivors of Human Trafficking, Juhi Jain, Mackenzie Bennett, Mark D. Bailey, Daniel Liaou, Sheri Ann O. Kaltiso, Jordan Greenbaum, Kimberly Williams, Mollie R. Gordon, Melissa I.M. Torres, Phuong T. Nguyen, John H. Coverdale, Victor Williams, Cayla Hari, Samantha Rodriguez, Temilola Salami, and Jo Nell E. Potter

A Snitching Enterprise: the Role of Evidence and Incentives on Providing False Secondary Confessions, Baylee D. Jenkins, Alexis M. Le Grand, Stacy A. Wetmore, Jeffrey S. Neuschatz, Jonathan M. Golding, and Anne Lippert

Increasing support for alternatives to incarceration for drug use: is the brain disease model of addiction effective?, Mia M. Ricardo, Craig E. Henderson, Krystia Reed, Temilola Salami, and Laura Drislane

Criminal Justice Students’ Perceptions of Human Trafficking Victims: Assessing Bias and Helping Behavior, Temilola Salami, Jeeva Babu, and Cayla Hari

Digital training in the wake of a pandemic: Using technology to train health care professionals in the identification of human trafficking victims, Temilola Salami, Grace Boland, Cayla Hari, Irene Hegarty, and Kimberly Williams

Association Between Daily Rumination and Posttraumatic Growth During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Experience Sampling Method, Yuki Shigemoto

Submissions from 2021

Risk and Protective Markers for Well-Being in Latinx Immigrants in Removal Proceedings, Cassandra A. Bailey, Amanda Venta, Jorge Varela, Temilola Salami, Chelsea Ratcliff, and Jeffrey Gardner

PV Solar Technology for Energy Cost and Emissions Reduction in Rural Area, Aniekan Eno-Ibanga, Dominic Okeke, Logan Yelderman, and Sarhan M. Musa

Beliefs about an Offender’s Capacity to Be Rehabilitated: Black Offenders Are Seen as More Capable of Change, Jamie S. Hughes, Angelica Sandel, Logan A. Yelderman, and Victoria Inman

Perceived and Actual Knowledge Gain among Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Team Members: A Pre-Post Analysis of On-Site Training and Technical Assistance, Jasmine Victoria Idrogo, Logan A. Yelderman, Martha Elin Blomquist, and Angela D. Broadus

The mental health clinician’s role in advocacy for survivors of human trafficking: Treatment and management, Syed Z. Iqbal, Temilola Salami, Mary C. Reissinger, Mohammad Hadi Masood, Kanta Ukrani, and Asim A. Shah

PROTOCOL: Effectiveness of parent-engagement programs to reduce truancy and juvenile delinquency: A systematic review, Sesha Kethineni, Susan Frazier-Kouassi, Yuki Shigemoto, Wesley Jennings, Stephanie M. Cardwell, Alex R. Piquero, Kimberly Gay, and Dayanand Sundaravadivelu

Longitudinal Stability of Work–Family Enrichment and its Association With Well-Being and Personality Traits, Shin Ye Kim, Yuki Shigemoto, Ashley Neduvelil, and Joseph G. Grzywacz

Motivational Interviewing as a Therapeutic Strategy for Trafficked Persons, Lindsey E. Knott, Temilola Salami, Mollie R. Gordon, Melissa I. Torres, John H. Coverdale, and Phuong T. Nguyen

The Mental Health and Service Use of Texas Law Enforcement Officers, Grace M. Boland and Temilola Salami

Treatment and Non-Treatment Professionals in Texas: Race, Sex, Age, and Level of Education Influencing Attitudes About Addiction, Shauna N. Richards, Angela D. Broadus, and Logan A. Yelderman

Treatment considerations for foreign-born victims of human trafficking: Practical applications of an ecological framework, Temilola Salami’, Mollie Gordon, Jeeva Babu, John Coverdale, and Phuong T. Nguyen

The impact of microaggressions on Black college students’ worry about their future employment: The moderating role of social support and academic achievement., Temilola Salami, Evan Lawson, and Isha W. Metzger

Association between trajectories of personal growth initiative and post-traumatic stress after Hurricane Harvey: A latent growth mixture modeling approach, Yuki Shigemoto

Exploring state-level variabilities between perceived community resilience and posttraumatic stress symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic: Multilevel modeling approach., Yuki Shigemoto

Coping flexibility and trauma appraisal predict patterns of posttraumatic stress and personal growth initiative in student trauma survivors., Yuki Shigemoto and Christine Robitschek

Release or Denial: Evaluating the Roles of Emotion and Risk in Parole Decisions, Logan A. Yelderman, Victoria Estrada-Reynolds, and Timothy I. Lawrence

Media Reports of Child Deaths and the Relationship to Foster Care Entries and Exits, Logan A. Yelderman, Steve Wood, and Alicia Summers

Submissions from 2020

Multiple Agent Designs in Conversational Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Anne Lippert, Keith Shubeck, Brent Morgan, Andrew Hampton, and Arthur Graesser

The need for personalized learning and the potential of intelligent tutoring systems, Brent Morgan, Marie Hogan, Andrew J. Hampton, Anne Lippert, and Arthur C. Graesser

Influence of community-level factors on relation between community resilience and posttraumatic growth., Yuki Shigemoto

Reciprocal influence between posttraumatic stress and posttraumatic growth approximately one year after hurricane harvey: A bivariate latent change score modeling approach, Yuki Shigemoto

Gender differences in the interaction effect of community resources and attitudes toward seeking professional help on posttraumatic stress, depression, and posttraumatic growth, Yuki Shigemoto, Amanda Banks, and Bridgett Boxley

Social cohesion and quality of life among survivors of a natural disaster, Yuki Shigemoto and Ichiro Kawachi

Personal growth initiative and posttraumatic stress among survivors of transportation accidents: Mixture modeling indicating changes in group membership over time, Yuki Shigemoto and Christine Robitschek

Actor–observer asymmetry in perceptions of parole board release decisions, Logan A. Yelderman, Timothy I. Lawrence, Courtney E. Lyons, and Alicia DeVault

Submissions from 2019

Disengagement detection within an intelligent tutoring system, Su Chen, Anne Lippert, Genghu Shi, Ying Fang, and Arthur C. Graesser

African American psychology: A positive psychology perspective, Stacie Craft DeFreitas

A Conversation-Based Intelligent Tutoring System Benefits Adult Readers with Low Literacy Skills, Ying Fang, Anne Lippert, Zhiqiang Cai, Xiangen Hu, and Arthur C. Graesser

Survive or Thrive? Longitudinal Relation Between Chronic Pain and Well-Being, Shin Ye Kim, Yuki Shigemoto, and Ashley Neduvelil

Using an Adaptive Intelligent Tutoring System to Promote Learning Affordances for Adults with Low Literacy Skills, Anne Lippert, Jessica Gatewood, Zhiqiang Cai, and Arthur C. Graesser

“She Is his Girlfriend—I Believe this Is a Different Situation”: Gender Differences in Perceptions of the Legality of Intimate Partner Rape, Kellie R. Lynch, Jonathan M. Golding, Jenna A. Jewell, Anne Lippert, and Nesa E. Wasarhaley

Personal growth Initiative: A robust and malleable predictor of treatment outcome for depressed partial hospital patients, Christine Robitschek, Amy Yang, Rendueles Villalba, and Yuki Shigemoto

The Influence of Race-Related Stress on Eating Pathology: The Mediating Role of Depression and Moderating Role of Cultural Worldview Among Black American Women, Temilola K. Salami, Sierra E. Carter, Blaine Cordova, Kelci C. Flowers, and Rheeda L. Walker

Examining reciprocal influence between posttraumatic stress and depressive symptoms among natural disaster survivors, Yuki Shigemoto

Diagnostic assessment of adults' reading deficiencies in an intelligent tutoring system, Genghu Shi, Anne M. Lippert, Andrew J. Hampton, Su Chen, Ying Fang, and Arthur C. Graesser

Mass shootings in the United States: Understanding the importance of mental health and firearm considerations, Logan A. Yelderman, Justin J. Joseph, Matthew P. West, and Erycha Butler

Death penalty decision-making: Fundamentalist beliefs and the evaluation of aggravating and mitigating circumstances, Logan A. Yelderman, Matthew P. West, and Monica K. Miller

Submissions from 2018

Perceived and Personal Mental Health Stigma in Latino and African American College Students, Stacie Craft DeFreitas, Travis Crone, Martha DeLeon, and Anna Ajayi

Clustering the learning patterns of adults with low literacy skills interacting with an intelligent tutoring system, Ying Fang, Keith Shubeck, Anne Lippert, Qinyu Cheng, Genghu Shi, Shi Feng, Jessica Gatewood, Su Chen, Zhiqiang Cai, Philip Pavlik, Jan Frijters, Daphne Greenberg, and Arthur Graesser

Using the Internet to Facilitate Career Choices in Psychology-Related Fields, Jonathan M. Golding, Anne M. Lippert, and Sarah E. Malik

Psychiatry's Role in the Management of Human Trafficking Victims: An Integrated Care Approach, Mollie Gordon, Temilola Salami, John Coverdale, and Phuong T. Nguyen

Building intelligent conversational tutors and mentors for team collaborative problem solving: Guidance from the 2015 program for international student assessment, Arthur C. Graesser, Nia Dowell, Andrew J. Hampton, Anne M. Lippert, Haiying Li, and David Williamson Shaffer

ElectronixTutor: an intelligent tutoring system with multiple learning resources for electronics, Arthur C. Graesser, Xiangen Hu, Benjamin D. Nye, Kurt VanLehn, Rohit Kumar, Cristina Heffernan, Neil Heffernan, Beverly Woolf, Andrew M. Olney, Vasile Rus, Frank Andrasik, Philip Pavlik, Zhiqiang Cai, Jon Wetzel, Brent Morgan, Andrew J. Hampton, Anne M. Lippert, Lijia Wang, Qinyu Cheng, Joseph E. Vinson, Craig N. Kelly, Cadarrius McGlown, Charvi A. Majmudar, Bashir Morshed, and Whitney Baer

When a corporation rapes: perceptions of rape in civil court for corporate defendants, Anne Lippert, Jonathan Golding, Kellie Lynch, and Eric Haak

The impact of a defendant not testifying in a child sexual assault case, Sarah E. Malik, Jonathan M. Golding, and Anne Lippert

African American emerging adults? experiences with racial discrimination and drinking habits: The moderating roles of perceived stress, Isha W. Metzger, Temilola Salami, Sierra Carter, Colleen Halliday-Boykins, Riana Elyse Anderson, Maryam M. Jernigan, and Tiarney Ritchwood

What Therapies are Favored in the Treatment of the Psychological Sequelae of Trauma in Human Trafficking Victims?, Temilola Salami, Mollie Gordon, John Coverdale, and Phuong T. Nguyen

Relationships between religious characteristics and response to legal action against parents who choose faith healing practices for their children, Trevor D. Shields, Monica K. Miller, and Logan A. Yelderman

Moderating Effect of Agreeableness on Coping Among Cancer Survivors: A Longitudinal Analysis, Yuki Shigemoto

Exploring patterns of personal growth initiative and posttraumatic stress: A latent profile analysis, Yuki Shigemoto and Christine Robitschek

Exploring an intelligent tutoring system as a conversation-based assessment tool for reading comprehension, Genghu Shi, Anne M. Lippert, Keith Shubeck, Ying Fang, Su Chen, Philip Pavlik, Daphne Greenberg, and Arthur C. Graesser

Religious Coping Style and Cultural Worldview are Associated with Suicide Ideation Among African American Adults, Rheeda L. Walker, Temilola Salami, Sierra Carter, and Kelci C. Flowers

Gender differences in the evaluation of aggravating and mitigating circumstances: the mediating role of attributional complexity*, Matthew P. West, Logan A. Yelderman, and Monica K. Miller

Cognitive rigidity explains the relationship between religious fundamentalism and insanity defence attitudes, Logan A. Yelderman

Understanding Crime Control Theater: Do Sample Type, Gender, and Emotions Relate to Support for Crime Control Theater Policies?, Logan A. Yelderman, Monica K. Miller, Shelby Forsythe, and Lorie Sicafuse

Religious Beliefs, Religious Contexts, and Perceived Interactions with Ex-Offenders, Logan A. Yelderman, Matthew P. West, and Monica K. Miller

Submissions from 2017

Insomnia and suicidal ideation and behaviors in former and current U.S. service members: Does depression mediate the relations?, Nicholas P. Allan, Kenneth R. Conner, Wilfred R. Pigeon, Daniel F. Gros, Temilola K. Salami, and Tracy Stecker

Childhood emotional abuse, self/other attachment, and hopelessness in African-American women, Ashly L. Gaskin-Wasson, Martha R. Calamaras, Devon LoParo, Bradley L. Goodnight, Brittany C. Remmert, Temilola Salami, Sallie Mack, and Nadine J. Kaslow

Successes and failures in building learning environments to promote deep learning: The value of conversational agents, Arthur C. Graesser, Anne M. Lippert, and Andrew J. Hampton

Race-related stress and hopelessness in community-based African American adults: Moderating role of social support, Mary O. Odafe, Temilola K. Salami, and Rheeda L. Walker

Comparison of Helplessness and Hopelessness as Sources of Cognitive Vulnerability Among Black and White College Students, Temilola K. Salami, Rheeda L. Walker, and Steven R.H. Beach

Function of Personal Growth Initiative on Posttraumatic Growth, Posttraumatic Stress, and Depression Over and Above Adaptive and Maladaptive Rumination, Yuki Shigemoto, Blakely Low, Dominika Borowa, and Christine Robitschek

Religious fundamentalism, religiosity, and priming: effects on attitudes, perceptions, and mock jurors’ decisions in an insanity defense case, Logan A. Yelderman and Monica K. Miller

Submissions from 2016

Posttraumatic stress and growth in student service members and veterans: The role of personal growth initiative, Dominika Borowa, Christine Robitschek, Kevin Andrew Harmon, and Yuki Shigemoto

Medical errors: Disclosure styles, interpersonal forgiveness, and outcomes, Annegret F. Hannawa, Yuki Shigemoto, and Todd D. Little

Scamming elders: The effect of witness testimony on courtroom perceptions of elder financial abuse, Anne M. Lippert and Jonathan M. Golding

Predictors of Growth in the Aftermath of Traumatic Events: The Role of Personal Growth Initiative, Yuki Shigemoto, Matthew W. Ashton, and Christine Robitschek

An assessment of juvenile drug courts' knowledge of evidence-based practices, data collection, and the use of AA/NA, Logan A. Yelderman

Religious Fundamentalism and Attitudes toward the Insanity Defense: The Mediating Roles of Criminal Attributions and Attitudes toward the Mentally Ill, Logan A. Yelderman and Monica K. Miller

Submissions from 2015

Improving the Credibility of Child Sexual Assault Victims in Court: The Impact of a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, Jonathan M. Golding, Nesa E. Wasarhaley, Kellie R. Lynch, Anne Lippert, and Casey L. Magyarics

The impact of frequency of behavior and type of contact on judgments involving a criminal stalking case, Casey L. Magyarics, Kellie R. Lynch, Jonathan M. Golding, and Anne Lippert

Impulsivity and Reasons for Living Among African American Youth: A Risk-Protection Framework of Suicidal Ideation, Temilola K. Salami, Bianca A. Brooks, and Dorian A. Lamis

Assessing measurement invariance of the personal growth initiative scale-ii among hispanics, African Americans, and European Americans, Yuki Shigemoto, Megan A. Thoen, Christine Robitschek, and Matthew W. Ashton

Submissions from 2014

Socioeconomic Status and Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety in African American College Students: The Mediating Role of Hopelessness, Temilola K. Salami and Rheeda L. Walker

The relationship between intrinsic motivation and academic achievement for first generation Latino college students, Naomi Noel Trevino and Stacie Craft DeFreitas

Perceived racism and suicide ideation: Mediating role of depression but moderating role of religiosity among African American adults, Rheeda L. Walker, Temilola K. Salami, Sierra E. Carter, and Kelci Flowers

Submissions from 2013

Disentangling the belief in God and cognitive rigidity/flexibility components of religiosity to predict racial and value-violating prejudice: A Post-Critical Belief Scale analysis, Megan Johnson Shen, Logan A. Yelderman, Megan C. Haggard, and Wade C. Rowatt

Factors related to posttraumatic growth in u.s. and japanese college students, Yuki Shigemoto and Senel Poyrazli

Submissions from 2012

Differences between African American and European American first-year college students in the relationship between self-efficacy, outcome expectations, and academic achievement, Stacie Craft DeFreitas

Who Gets Blamed for Intimate Partner Violence? The Relative Contributions of Perpetrator Sex Category, Victim Confrontation, and Observer Attitudes, Cindy Stewart, Todd Moore, Travis Crone, Stacie Craft DeFreitas, and Deborah Rhatigan

Submissions from 2011

Gender and racial favouritism in Black and White preschool girls, Beth Kurtz-Costes, Stacie C. Defreitas, Tamara G. Halle, and C. Ryan Kinlaw

Submissions from 2009

The relationship between dimensions of parenting and cognitive and interpersonal vulnerability factors to depression in youth, Claire Starrs, Philippe Adams, Temilola Salami, Irene Zilber, and John R.Z. Abela

Submissions from 2006

Predictors of racial prejudice in white American counseling students, Linda G. Castillo, Collie W. Conoley, Jennifer King, Dahl Rollins, Saori Rivera, and Mia Veve