Submissions from 2021

Using a Mock Trial to Teach Science and the Law, Nathan K. Mitchell, Quincy C. Moore, and Billy W. Monroe

Submissions from 2020

Removing the excuse: Using free course materials to improve student success in general studies courses, Megan E. Collins, Nathan K. Mitchell, and Michael J. Nojeim

Demystifying Americanness: The model minority myth and the black-Korean relationship, Se Hyoung Yi and William T. Hoston

Submissions from 2018

Toxic silence, William T. Hoston

Submissions from 2016

Race and the black male subculture: The lives of toby waller, William T. Hoston

Submissions from 2014

Black masculinity in the Obama era: Outliers of society, William T. Hoston

Submissions from 2013

Exposing minority students to careers in transportation and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, Khosro Godazi, Ronald Goodwin, Fengxiang Qiao, and Alexander Miller

Submissions from 2012

Black paradox in the age of terrorism: Military patriotism or higher education?, Ronald E. Goodwin

Into freedom's abyss: Reflections of reconstruction violence in Texas, Ronald E. Goodwin

Black legislative politics: Examining the issue of voting rights in the post-Hurricane Katrina period, William T. Hoston

Submissions from 2009

On the edge of first freedoms: Black Texans and the civil war, Ronald E. Goodwin and Bruce A. Glasrud

Black solidarity and racial context: An exploration of the role of black solidarity in U.S. cities, William T. Hoston