PHBV/PLLA-based composite scaffolds containing nano-sized hydroxyapatite particles for bone tissue engineering

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Composite scaffolds made of PHBV/PLLA blends and nano-sized hydroxyapatite (HA) particles can be useful for bone tissue engineering as different blends of PHBV with PLLA should have higher degradation rates than PHBV itself and scaffolds containing bioactive HA particles will provide desired osteoconductivity. In this investigation, composite scaffolds were produced via an emulsion freezing/freeze-drying process and subsequently characterised using several techniques. Highly porous and interconnected scaffolds with porosity greater than 70% could be made. It was found that the crystallinity of PHBV in the scaffolds was decreased due to blending with the PLLA polymer, which is beneficial for the faster degradation of the scaffolds in vitro and in vivo. It was shown that the incorporation of HA nanoparticles enhanced compressive mechanical properties of scaffolds.

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