Promoting life-long learning skills in CAD using the peergenerated screencast tutorials

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To promote life-long learning skills in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) education, authors designed and implemented a student-centered instruction in the CAD courses. A quasiexperimental pre-and-post test research design was implemented. Experimental group students were asked to design screencast tutorials with their verbal explanations recorded. Students shared their screencast tutorials with their peers and provided feedback to each other's video tutorials. Control group students were asked to review the instructor made screencast tutorials. A life-long learning survey, an engineering attitude survey, an exit project survey, and a CAD modeling exam were used as the study instruments. A total of 147 students participated in this study over three years. Findings indicated that female and first generation college students in the experimental group performed better than their peers in the control group in the CAD modeling exam. Our student-centered instruction was more affective on female students' and first generation college students' skills and knowledge than male students' and not-first generation college students' skills and knowledge.

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