Submissions from 2020

The unintended consequences of promising black Americans reparations, Reginald L. Bell

Submissions from 2018

Free Speech Tensions: Responding to Bias on College and University Campuses, Ryan A. Miller, Tonia Guida, Stella Smith, S. Kiersten Ferguson, and Elizabeth Medina

A balancing act: Whose interests do bias response teams serve?, Ryan A. Miller, Tonia Guida, Stella L. Smith, S. Kiersten Ferguson, and Elizabeth Guillory Medina

Submissions from 2016

Impulse control and internet addiction disorder among business professionals, Reginald L. Bell, Dibyendu Choudhury, Wally M. Guyot, and Robert J. Meier

Comparing perceived listening behavior differences between managers and nonmanagers living in the United States, India, and Malaysia, Deborah Britt Roebuck, Reginald L. Bell, Reeta Raina, and Cheng E.Catherine Lee

Do college faculty embrace Web 2.0 technology?, Samia M. Siha, Reginald Lamar Bell, and Deborah Roebuck

Submissions from 2015

The effects of home country, gender, and position on listening behaviors, Deborah B. Roebuck, Reginald L. Bell, Reeta Raina, and Cheng Ean Catherine Lee

Submissions from 2014

A hole in the soul of Austin: Black faculty community engagement experiences in a creative class city, Richard J. Reddick, Beth E. Bukoski, Stella L. Smith, Patrick L. Valdez, and Miguel V. Wasielewski

Submissions from 2012

Leaders as catalysts for organizational change: How popular press business books address this topic, Reginald L. Bell and Nancy L.Dusty Bodie

Submissions from 2011

The power of religion, upbringing, certification, and profession to predict moral choice, Reginald L. Bell, Wally Guyot, Philip H. Martin, and Robert J. Meier

Young consumers in the new marketing ecosystem: An analysis of their usage of interactive technologies, Cole J. Engel, Reginald L. Bell, Robert J. Meier, Michael J. Martin, and Joan H. Rumpel

Submissions from 2008

Rural and ethnic young consumers' perceptions of bundled cellular telephone features, Jerrold Stark, Joan H. Rumpel, Robert J. Meier, and Reginald L. Bell

Submissions from 2007

The manager's role in financial reporting: A risk consultant's perspective, Reginald L. Bell