Contemporary Issues in Juvenile Justice


Animated features, like children's cartoons, are considered by some to be the most violent shows on televi-sion, with approximately 25 to 50 acts of violence per hour (Dietz and Strasburger, 1991). Cartoons, unlike other shows that portray violence, present instances of violence to children in an "acceptable" way, which teaches children from zero to 17 years of age that hurting people is tolerable. Television violence has been linked to juvenile aggression, which has been linked to juvenile violence. In researching several studies, the author found that many of the preventions mentioned in the television violence studies were also mentioned in the research studies on juvenile violence. Parents were the primary source of control and prevention in both fields of juvenile justice and television media. The prevention connection found in both areas should help mental health professionals, law enforcement personnel, juvenile justice personnel, parents, and other interested persons curb violent behavior in children and adolescents.