Generalized description of few-electron quantum dots at zero and nonzero magnetic fields

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We introduce a generalized ground state variational wavefunction for parabolically confined two-dimensional quantum dots that equally applies to both cases of weak (or zero) and strong magnetic field. The wavefunction has a Laughlin-like form in the limit of infinite magnetic field, but transforms into a Jastrow-Slater wavefunction at zero magnetic field. At intermediate magnetic fields (where a fraction of electrons is spin-reversed) it resembles Halperin's spin-reversed wavefunction for the fractional quantum Hall effect. The properties of this variational wavefunction are illustrated for the case of two-dimensional quantum dot helium (a system of two interacting electrons in a parabolic confinement potential) where we find the description to be an excellent representation of the true ground state for the whole range of magnetic fields. © IOP Publishing Ltd.

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