Exact results for systems of electrons in the fractional quantum Hall regime

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There has been a great deal of interest over the last two decades on the fractional quantum Hall effect, a novel quantum many-body liquid state of strongly correlated two-dimensional electronic systems in a strong perpendicular magnetic field. The most pronounced fractional quantum Hall states occur at odd denominator filling factors of the lowest Landau level and are described by the Laughlin wave function. It is well known that exact closed-form solutions for many-body wave functions, including the Laughlin wave function, are generally very rare and hard to obtain. In this work we present some exact results corresponding to small systems of electrons in the fractional quantum Hall regime at odd denominator filling factors. Use of Jacobi coordinates is the key tool that facilitates the exact calculation of various quantities. Expressions involving integrals over many variables are considerably simplified with the help of Jacobi coordinates allowing us to calculate exactly various quantities corresponding to systems with several electrons. © 2008 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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