Quantitative Analysis of Shape-Sensitive Interaction of a Charged Nanoplate and a Charged Nanowire

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Systems with nanoscale dimensions have attracted great attention for many decades since they manifest interesting size-dependent behavior and have many possible technological applications. While significant progress has been made toward the experimental and theoretical understanding of various phenomena at nanoscale, much is yet is to be explored in fully comprehending how the interplay of several parameters such as shape, size and dimensionality affects the resulting properties. In this work, we study the nature of the interaction in a nanosystem consisting of a charged nanoplate and a charged nanowire. The two constituent nanostructures of this nanosystem represent important building blocks for bottom-up assembly processes. We consider a specific orientation of the two nanostructures and calculate exactly their interaction energy as a function of shape, size and relative distance. With help from suitable though nontrivial mathematical transformations, we are able to derive a closed form exact expression for such an interaction energy. It is shown that the interaction energy of this configuration is very sensitive to shape and depends in a nontrivial way on size and separation distance.

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