Classical magnetism and an integral formula involving modified bessel functions

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We study an integral expression that is encountered in some classical spin models of magnetism. The idea is to calculate the key integral that represents the building block for the expression of the partition function of these models. The general calculation allows one to have a better look at the internal structure of the quantity of interest which, in turn, may lead to potentially new useful insights. We find out that application of two different approaches to solve the problem in a general-case scenario leads to an interesting integral formula involving modified Bessel functions of the first kind which appears to be new. We performed Monte Carlo simulations to verify the correctness of the integral formula obtained. Additional numerical integration tests lead to the same result as well. The approach under consideration, when generalized, leads to a linear integral equation that might be of interest to numerical studies of classical spin models of magnetism that rely on the well-established transfer-matrix formalism.

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