Energy stored and capacitance of a circular parallel plate nanocapacitor

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Nanocapacitors have received a great deal of attention in recent years due to the promises of high energy storage density as device scaling continues unabated in the nanoscale era. High energy storage capacity is a key ingredient for many nanoelectronic applications in which the significant consumption of energy is required. The electric properties of a nanocapacitor can be strongly modified from the expected bulk properties due to finite-size effects which means that there is an increased need for the accurate characterization of its properties. In this work, we considered a theoretical model for a circular parallel plate nanocapacitor and calculated exactly, in closed analytic form, the electrostatic energy stored in the nanocapacitor as a function of the size of the circular plates and inter-plate separation. The exact expression for the energy is used to derive an analytic formula for the geometric capacitance of this nanocapacitor. The results obtained can be readily amended to incorporate the effects of a dielectric thin film filling the space between the circular plates of the nanocapacitor.

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