Submissions from 2021

Characterization and surface impact of paracetamol granules formed by binder dropping, Sheena M. Reeves, Ja'kari Jackson, and Adewale Lawal

Submissions from 2019

Effect of particle breakage conditions on child particle aspect ratio, Priscilla J. Hill and Sheena M. Reeves

Submissions from 2012

Mechanisms influencing crystal breakage experiments in stirred vessels, Sheena M. Reeves and Priscilla J. Hill

Submissions from 2009

Breakage behavior of NaCI crystals in a stirred vessel, Sheena Reeves, Brian White, Stephen Castellane, and Priscilla Hill

Submissions from 2008

Effect of cooling rate on oleic and linoleic acid crystal compositions, Sheena Reeves and Priscilla J. Hill