Comparative study on statutory control over project management services in the Asia Pacific Region

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CRIOCM 2010 - International Symposium on Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate "Towards Sustainable Development of International Metropolis"


Property Management has become a significant property service in the cities of Asia Pacific region. Traditionally it refers to the total care of a property, which aims at maintaining a safe, comfortable and ordered living and working environment. However, the scope of this service has become complicated in the densely populated multiple ownership properties. Especially in a situation where there is an immense the number of stakeholders within a single building block or a particular estate composed of several blocks, the properties need professional service to manage. Such service is not limited to only maintenance but also to management both at operational and strategic level. It opens up the possibility of a competition in the market for such professional service. In order to maintain a fair competition in the market, statutory control becomes essential. This paper compares such scenario in four Asian countries i.e. Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and China that represent different stages of urban development in this region. It shows that cultural and economic development of the countries, as well as volume of the service determines the adopted models. Finally it follows up with suggesting several ways to enhance the effectiveness of the property management service in these models.

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