Use of natural ventilation in Malaysia's future green housing

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Advanced Materials Research


Within the Asia Pacific region, Malaysia's WAWASAN 2020 creates the vision of being a green country. Accordingly, the Malaysian Government has established the mission of reducing the carbon emission. The programs include the projects targeting the energy efficiency and saving within the housing and residential buildings that must meet the Green Building criteria to achieve the sustainable architectural design. Renewable energy sources, like wind or solar energy, can be used to ventilate. The review of previous researchers shows that the use of the natural ventilation system decreases the electricity consumption of a simulated housing in the hot and humid climatic conditions such as Malaysia. The purpose of this research is a review of consumes renewable energies such as solar energy and wind for passive cooling. To test the benefit of natural ventilation system, this paper reviewed some analysis that had used simulation software such as CFD. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

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