Cloud-assisted tracking medical mobile robot for indoor elderly

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Proceedings of 2017 IEEE 3rd Information Technology and Mechatronics Engineering Conference, ITOEC 2017


Recently, research related to medical robots received considerable attention due to an increase in aging population. However, most of the existing approaches for designing medical robots have drawbacks in terms of lacking mobility, real-time monitoring of health conditions and emotional response. In this paper, we present a design for a cloud-assisted medical robot with mobility, which can remotely monitor and collect the parameters of human body. Moreover, the robot can upload this information to cloud and distribute it to a smart terminal in real-time. We construct the control and communication systems based on the main controller STM32 and WIFI, respectively. Further, user-friendly APPs are designed and a prototype of the mobile robot is built. Our proposed design approach can ensure the safety of elderly, reduce the burden of taking care of the elderly, and deal with emergency situations.

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