Synthesis, luminescent properties and white led fabrication of SM3+ doped LU2WMOO9

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In this paper, Sm3+ doped Lu2W0.5Mo0.5O6, Lu2WMoO9, and Lu2(W0.5Mo0.5O4)3 materials were synthesized by using a two-step solid-state reaction method. The synthesized materials were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) patterns, field emission scanning electronic micrograph (FESEM) pictures, photoluminescence (PL) excitation and emission spectra, and temperature-dependent emission intensities. Orange-reddish light could be observed from the phosphors under ultraviolet (UV) 365 nm light. The Sm3+ doped Lu2WMoO9 had enhanced PL intensities compared to the other two materials. The excitation, the energy transfer, the nonradiative relaxation, and the emission processes were illustrated by using schematic diagrams of Sm3+ in Lu2MoWO9. The optimal Sm3+ doping concentration was explored in the enhancing luminescence of Lu2WMoO9. By combing the Sm3+ doped Lu2WMoO9 to UV 365 nm chips, near white lighting emitting diode (W-LED) were obtained. The phosphor can be used in single phosphor-based UVW-LEDs.



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