Relationships and spatial structure of soil physical properties in a ten-year corn-cotton rotation field

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International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research


This study quantified the relationships between soil, textural, and hydraulic properties at the field-scale for a conventional tilled Memphis silt loam that had undergone a 10-year corn and cotton rotation and described their spatial variability. Composite soil samples collected from the plow layer at 272 nodes on 15 x 15 m grids were analyzed for texture and bulk density. These values were used as pedotransfer functions to predict unsaturated (Ko) and saturated hydraulic (Ks) conductivities as well as the van Genuchten curve shape parameters α and n. Regression analyses quantified relationships between the measured and model predicted soil properties. While correlations between textural and model predicted soil properties including bulk density were significant (p<0.05), those between sand and clay, clay and n, clay and α were not. Sand and silt appeared to be better predictors of soil hydraulic conductivity and the van Genuchten curve shape parameters for the soil investigated. Spatial dependence was strong for sand, silt, bulk density, Ko, α and n, and moderate for clay and Ks.

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