Effect of copulation on estrus duration and ovulation time in goats

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The objective of the present study was to evaluate the effect of copulation on estrus duration and ovulation in goats. During the fall season, 14 multiparous Boer does were estrous synchronized with controlled internal drug release (300 mg), maintained in the vagina for 7 days, and received 50 μg of intramuscular GnRH device insertion and 5 mg of natural intramuscular PGF2α at device removal. The does were randomly divided into two equal groups: a treatment group (TRE; n = 7) and a control group (CON; n = 7). The TRE group received two copulas by fertile bucks within the first 4 hours of estrus onset, and the CON group received only mounts by the same males equipped with canvas aprons. Estrus detection was performed every 12 hours after controlled internal drug release removal within the first 24 hours and then every 4 hours for 5 days. Estrus was defined when a doe accepted mounting by the bucks equipped with canvas aprons. Each doe in estrus got the first transrectal ultrasonography at 24 hours after estrus onset and then every 4 hours until all the preovulatory follicles ovulated. Estrus onset for the TRE and CON groups was 40.3 ± 17.4 (mean ± standard deviation) and 43.3 ± 12.2 hours (P = 0.72), respectively. Estrus duration for the same groups was 28.6 ± 5.4 and 36.7 ± 5.3 hours (P = 0.02), respectively. The mean ovulation time for the TRE and CON groups was 31.4 ± 2.2 and 35.7 ± 3.7 hours (P = 0.04), respectively. The proportion of ovulations that occurred after the end of estrus in the TRE group was higher than in the CON group (86% vs. 33%, respectively; P = 0.05). The number of ovulations for the TRE group was 2.1 ± 0.7; for the CON group, there were 2.2 ± 0.5 ovulations (P = 0.92). It was concluded that copulation by a buck at the beginning of estrus reduced estrus duration and hastened the ovulation time in Boer goats.

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