Solutions for grand challenges in animal agriculture

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Advances in Animal Science and Zoology


The ever increasing world population has been accompanied by growing demand for efficient and innovative animal and food production systems. Furthermore, increases in numbers of educated consumers and in obesity have augmented the needs for healthier diets. However, climate change and lack of creativity in food production, in addition to food security issues, have resulted in limitations to agricultural systems. Consequently, there are major current and future challenges for global animal agriculture. Animal scientists can play pivotal roles in addressing these challenges through science-based solutions. In this review, animal science is first introduced along with major hurdlesrelated to animal agriculture, and then proposed solutions for these grand challenges on a global scale are discussed. This resource will empower scientists, students and members of society with essential animal agriculture knowledge in the face of current and future challenges. It is expected that this review will convey the importance of an animal science education for developing the next generation of students who will shape the future.

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